Wishfly home tutors Pvt. Ltd is a home tutoring service provider company that dispatches a qualified tutor directly to your home with no need to drive or go anywhere. Wishfly home tutors have highly qualified tutors, having years of experience and a proven track record of equipping children to succeed in their exams. A tutor can address any special needs and work to ensure that the pupil is getting help in those areas that need the most attention, due to the big class size a student may keep his/her doubts within him/herself to avoid any embarrassment in front of the classmates. Hence, students can ask any doubt more openly to the home tutor than his/her school teacher or any coaching trainer.


Hiring a home tutor is a good decision. Students especially in our country in India they face much academic pressure from an early age. The syllabus and teaching method have completely changed. Also, students are expected to have other skills beyond academics. In this situation, very few students fulfill the requirements of demanding situations.

Hence, make them feel comfortable in all the scenarios we (wishfly home tutors pvt.ltd) work hard/smart to achieve their goals.

Here, some of the reasons you might consider hiring a home tutor.

– Now a day’s parents especially working parents they have a very tight schedule. They are running to earn bread & butter for their children; they don’t have that much time to devote to their children for their studies. So once you hire a private tutor for your kid tutor take the responsibility and take care of student’s studies and full fill the requirement of the academic needs.

Some of the students don’t /can’t adjust the outer home environment. If they study at home their feeling does not change. They feel comfortable with the home environment while studding by sitting at their home with a home tutor.

When a student studies at home it is a fact that no family members want to disturb the child while studying. On the other hand, when a student hoes out for study they have many things to make themselves distract from the study. In-home tutoring there is the least distraction.

– There are many cases and what king of cases happening around us on daily basis, we all know very well. So avoid any kind of trouble or problem which none of the parents want at any cost because safety comes first.

Nowadays students have many other activities along with their studies and they want to master other skills too apart from study. They don’t have that much time for all by going out for the study

In-home tuition there is flexible time. According to the student’s schedule, tuition time can be fold. It depends upon the tutor tutor-parent conveniences.

In-home tuition syllabus is covered as per the requirement of the students. Suppose a student is having a very less number of months/days to complete the syllabus, in this situation by requesting the tutor you can increase the timing of class or focus on what is more important. Here, the home tutor plays the role of how to complete most of the syllabus in a given time/period.

Students are getting home works from the school on daily basis, some of the questions or topics might not be solved by the students or the reason he/she might not be attentive in the class, in this scenario what will you do?

We all are not the same we all differ in terms of our ability, grasping capacity, learning new concepts. Some of the students pick up very faster while others need more explanation.

A home tutor can customize his/her teaching style according to students learning capacity or requirements. Here there is no one in the room to judge your kid’s level of understanding. Your child feels more comfortable to ask any doubt or concept again and again.

Nowadays as we all know that it is the world of competition in every sector. Especially in the education sector students are expected to fight for competitive exams like OLYMPIAD, NTSE, NEET, IIT-JEE, SAT, TOFFL, NET, CA-CPT, CAT, MAT, XAT, C-MAT and many other competitive exams. It is not easy for an average student to fight and crack these kind of examination. They don’t know how to–

  • Prepare an effective daily-study schedule
  • Fix the daily target and achieve them
  • Be always positive and confident
  • Refer to standard study material
  • Take proper rest and sleep
  • Make a proper strategy of revision

Hence, our expert tutor helps in all these areas where the student is lacking.

We have only 24hours in a day to act on all the plans what we have in our daily lives, the students do the same. They have their school, home works assign by school, projects and they need to play to make the body fit.

So, they don’t have that much time to travel one to another place for coaching. It consumes much precious time of the students.

In-home tuition you can save and schedule your time. You have time for all the planned activities even after completing your study.

Hence, these all are key points mentioned above, it proves that home tuition is far better than going out for a comfortable study.


Everyone faces difficulties while studying at one time or another, and overcoming these challenges are all part of the learning process, especially when you have an extreme workload.

There are some common study problems that students face.

Low motivation is the biggest problem in students, this needs to be tackled during education. Low motivation can be experienced either for certain subjects or boards. These are some reason which includes why students (you) have low motivation.

  • You find subject/s boring or you don’t enjoy it for some other reason.
  • You have other things to do in your life which you feel more important than studies.
  • You are not good at health conditions or not sleeping well.
  • You are tired and stressed by thinking, I have to do too much.
  • You are worried about failure.
  • You imagine the result with labor e.t.c..

Do you relate any of the problems above in yourself? If yes you have to take specific steps towards overcoming these possible problems.


Putting together with an action plan dealing with low motivation also means figuring out what motivates you. It might be–

  • Good comment from teacher/s
  • The satisfaction of completing the task.
  • A short term reward such as chocolate, after completing the session.
  • Long-term success, i.e to get admission in top college/university.
  • Keeping some motivational quotes on your desk also helps inspire you to keep going when you feel low motivated.
  • The right diet helps you too.

Together you (parent) and we (our organization team) can help motivate the students by using these tools.

Nowadays students have so many things to get distracted him/herself i.e social media, electronic gadgets, smart phones, video games, television e.t.c. if you feel you are suffering from multiple things of distraction. It is time to change your working environment into constructive studding.

By creating the right learning environment parents and tutors together can solve the problems. You can engage the student to study at home by hiring a suitable private tutor/trainer. Tutor/ trainer and parents never allow a student to use any kind of gadgets at home while studying. A tutor always uses his/her best teaching technicalities to teach the student by analyzing the student’s mindset and keep away from distraction because distraction breaks the focus.

Have you ever thought of why you feel hard to concentrate on your study? Why you feel asleep when you think to study or pick up a book to read or even think about a boring subject which you don’t like? If yes and still you are struggling with these problems, then it’s time to overcome them. We are here to help you out, how to study with focus and concentration.


  • Overcome your distraction– We live in such a world that is full of distractions. It keeps your mind preoccupied and reduces focus. We face distractions every single day.

Distraction draws your attention away from your studies. It keeps you away from accomplishing your study/dreams/goals. Once distracted, it is very hard to run with rhythm. So try to keep something on your table with catches your concentration.

  • Don’t study alone/single– Let us admit that studies are boring. Studying alone is more boring. The maximum we can sit for study for 1 hr at a stretch, but 1 hr is not enough.

If you are someone who hates to study alone, we suggest you, join with someone or tutor who can guide you while study, if you stuck anywhere he/she can pull you away from your doubts by clearing your concepts. Because a tutor/trainer knows how to create a good studding environment and make you feel comfortable.

  • Set timings– This is the fact that people perform best under pressure. Once there is involvement of deadlines you know you dint have any choice but to give it your best.

Setting a deadline time for each work or studying the subject is probably a good idea. Working with a set timeframe gives you a foal to achieve in a given time. This encourages you to focus in a better way. Study hard as much as you can, in this particular hour/s.

  • Keep inspiring things to motivate you– Lack of motivation is the most important thing which distracts your concentration very easily. Try to find something which drives you motivated. Try to look or read the things which you have stored to inspire you as many times as you can. It will help your mind focus on your goal and not to distract in achieving your study dreams.
  • Follow a structured plan– Before starting you should plan and prioritize your studies, prioritizing study means preparing a proper plan of study and following it. Start with the most challenging part of subjects which you feel more harder and slowly move to the subjects which you find easier. First, try to solve an easier one, you will feel more comfortable and gradually sift to the harder one.
  • Take a short break– Taking short breaks are more important to refresh/recharge yourself. It is important to take a short break of 15mints. Don’t take a too long time otherwise, it will be difficult to resume where you left.
  • Give equal importance to your health– Study is important but health too. So take proper diet and exercise. These will impact your study. You should be healthy physically and mentally. If you are fit physically and mentally you can focus/devote more time to your study.

At some stage in your education, you encounter some subjects that you don’t like it. Because of simply you find it.

  • Boring
  • You feel you are not good at it
  • It seems a pointless subject which you would not have any use for the long-term
  • You will have to remember or mug-up
  • There is no practical to understand
  • No big changes to your study
  • No big impact on your success in this subject
  • You dislike the teaching style of your teacher
  • Uninspiring teacher

These lead to the dislike of the subjects. It is necessary to change the mindset to overcome this problem.

Some students might be lacking the right resources for their academic success. An academic resource relies on having access to the right resources. It can be a book, laptop, internet, necessary equipment, a private tutor to talk to. If it is a book, you need to ask your teacher to recommend some good books. If it is a laptop or other equipment you need to talk to your parents and convince them that it is necessary for my academic success.

Time management is the process of organizing and planning, how to divide your time for each and every specific activity. Studding at any level requires good time management.

If you feel yourself struggling to meet deadlines, or get work done on time, or you are staying yourself late at night to get work done? It is a sign that you lack time management, you need to work on it.

Once you start keeping a list of what is more important, what needs to be done, and when, how much time should I devote for the specific task to complete them off? When you start practicing this you will be able to manage the things and end up the task with peace.

Tips- Get up early in the morning, plan out your day and make maximum productive use of the time you allocate to each of your subjects. You will find yourself more productive, more comfortable and relax.

Final note: Many of the problems we have discussed which are mentioned above can be overcome by taking the right step on right time and by getting in to the right mindset towards studies. A positive mental attitude will go a long way towards helping you get back on track. Whatever studding problems you are experiencing take pause, clear your mindset, think of the right way about your studies.


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