I welcome all the students/parents/tutors to “WISHFLY HOME TUTORS PVT.LTD”.

The aim of education is to enlighten one’s mind so that one could have a broad mind as well as a broad outlook. Education presents the truth of life in a beautiful way for the well being of the human race. The truth of life is imparted to students as the essence of knowledge. Children are made not only professionally perfect but also morally sound to follow the path of truth by which they not only overcome complicated problems but also morally sound to follow the path of truth by which they not only overcome complicated problems but also taste the nectar of success in life.

Children are like sponges and will absorb as much as their teachers and parents are prepared to give them. There can be no overdose of learning. They gain a sense of self, of values, of what the world expects of them, of good and bad in a pragmatic as well as absolute sense, from their early experiences in the home and outside. They are often caught between the twin pressures of school performance and parental expectations.

The grooming of students is so done that in addition to distinguishing themselves in academics, individuals will also be able to participate in a wide range of co-curriculum and extra curriculum activities. We nurture the JOY OF LEARNING, where teaching is fun and learning is Joy, where excelling with passion is imbibed as a habit. We feel that skills make an individual efficient. Our qualified, experienced and passionate faculty works towards developing a community of learners who are not only academically proficient but are also equipped with 21st-century skills that would help to face the challenges of the future world.

The thirst for knowledge is not restricted to the child. It is also essential for a parent and tutors to keep adding to their own knowledge bank by keeping their eyes and ears open and by reading as much as possible and ensuring that children develop these habits as well.

At the end, I would like to thank all the parents who have reposed faith in Wishfly Home Tutors Pvt. Ltd. and the ideals it stands for. Let me assure you that your loved ones are in safe hands. Our tutors understand the ethos of the institution and help in guiding and encouraging the children and I am sure that the children will make both you and us proud.



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