The tuition fee may vary depending upon

The requirement of the student, Student’s class, Opted subjects, Board, Area/Location, Duration of class, Weekly class (Number of days in a week).

TUITION FEE                                                 RS. PER HOUR

For primary and pre-primary                           175 to 250/Hour

 Class Kg – class V th                                           175 to 250/Hour

class VI to class VIII th                                       200 to 250/Hour

 class IX th -class X th                                        250 to 350/Hour 

  class XI th-class XII th                                     350 to 450/Hour

Competitive Exams


 Physics                                                                  500 to 700/ Hour

 Chemistry                                                             500 to 700/Hour

Biology                                                                   500 to 700/Hour


Mathematics                                                        500 to 700/Hour

Physics                                                                  500 to 700/Hour

Chemistry                                                             500 to 700/Hour

Entrance Exams

 CPT                                                                        400 to 500/Hour

 CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT                                            450 to 600/Hour

For Bachelor Course

B.Tech                                                                    400 to 500/Hour

 B.B.A                                                                     400 to 500/Hour

 B.C.A                                                                     400 to 500/Hour

 B.COM                                                                  400 to 500/hour                                 

For Masters Course

M.B.A                                                                     400 to 600/Hour

 M.C.A                                                                    400 to 600/Hour

School Level Competitive Exams

NTSE                                                                      300 to 400/hour

NSO                                                                        250 to 350/hour

IMO                                                                        250 to 350/hour

ISO                                                                          250 to 350/hour

IOM                                                                        250 to 350/hour

IOS                                                                          250 to 350/hour


Spoken English                                                    400 to 550/Hour

General Computer                                              350 to 400/Hour

Mentally challenged Students                          300 to 400/Hour

Foreign Language                                               600 to 800/hour

Yoga                                                                       400 to 600/hour

Drawing/Panting                                                400 to 600/hour

Dance                                                                     600 to 800/hour     

Music                                                                     400 to 800/hour

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