Ans- You can opt for any of the following steps.
  • Call us at +919926993630
  • Fill the student’s registration form
  • Leave a message through our website
  • Call or walk-in to your nearest branch of “WISHFLY HOME TUTORS”

Ans- Fee may vary depending upon The requirement of the student, Student’s class, Opted subjects, Board, Weekly class (Number of days in a week).

Ans- yes, we do provide counselling sessions at your home with no cost. Note- we provide counselling sessions only where our office is available.

Ans- The student is required to fill up the enrolment form (admission form/ registration form).

Ans- We offer.
  • Yearly package
  • Half-yearly package
  • Quarterly package
  • Crass course package

Ans- yes, you are required to sign an agreement with us. Once you signed up, you become your client/customer.

Ans- Very simple process we follow, after student’s registration you need to choose fee package(yearly/half-yearly, quarterly, monthly) whatever you chose, you are requested to pay in advance.

Ans- Yes, we do so, as a service provider company, if you face any kind of issues related to your child’s education and safety, that becomes our responsibility to resolve the problems. For that, you need to call at your nearest branch or you may call directly to our head office or you may ask our representative to visit your home to discuss and resolve the issue.

Ans- Generally we take 1hr/day and 3-5days in a week but as per the requirement of the student and by your request it can be increased. The fee will also increase accordingly if the duration of class or number of days in a week increases.

Ans- We refund the fee according to the terms and conditions, you signed up at the time of registration.

Ans- Yes, you can request for tutor replacement any time if you are not satisfied with the placed tutor.

Ans- Yes we do so. If the tutor is on leave due to some emergency. The tutor will give extra time or increase the number of days to compensate for the left classes.

Ans- We provide services for CBSE, ICSE, ISC, IGCSE, IB, NIOS, AND STATE BOARDS.

Ans- We hire the tutor through several procedures like a telephonic interview- online test- walk-in interview in our office. As per their qualification and performance in test and interview, we categorize them, which classes and subjects he/she is suitable for.

Ans- Yes, our tutor takes the weekly and monthly tests to analyze the student’s progress and it is shown to parents as well.

Ans- Yes, if the tutor is asked for the same. We expect the students to do it themselves but if required our tutor helps them in homework and projects

Ans- Before starting the class, our counsellor visits at your home to counsel the student. Counsellor analyzes the academic level of the student, grasping capacity, way of understanding the subjects/concepts, reading and writing skills. According to the requirement of the student, we place a suitable tutor. If you are satisfied with the placed teacher you may continue or else you can request to the company for replacement of the tutor.

Ans- We are a service Provider Company, our responsibility is to provide you the best tutor for your child from our end. We just offer a helping hand to the students. We (our wishfly team and tutors) put 100% effort for the sake of your child’s bright future. These efforts lead to an improvement in grades/marks.

Ans- No, one-time registration for always.
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