There are a few tricks you can use to help you be more productive. Here are some ways to help you stay focused and get more done while studying.

  • Try active studying: Active studying is very easy. It is as simple as asking questions before, during and after study duration. Not only it helps to offer your study session direction but it also helps you to keep on targeting and reflecting on the way to improve for your next study session.
Questions to ask yourself before you study:
  • What to study?
  • Which is more important (Subject/ Topic)
  • How will this course help me to get a career.
  • What should I read to improve my personal studies.
Questions to ask yourself while studying:
  • How does this information fit into a much bigger picture?
  • Do in understand what even I have just read?
  • Are there any keywords that I should write down?
Questions to ask yourself after study session:
  • How much I have gained in today’s session?
  • How to remember the concepts, facts and figures for a long?
  • What to study in the next session?
  • How and when to revise the completed session?
  • Study at the right time: Each student is different from others. Every student has a different plan to study, a goal to achieve, time to study. Some students prefer to study at night while some in the morning. Study at the right time whenever you feel comfortable, energetic, peace, fresh and high acceptance on your mind.
  • Have a designed study area: whether it is a kitchen, bedroom, office everybody wants an organized, designed and cleaned area. It senses comfortable, motivated, cool and calm. Try to keep such a study area where you can find yourself comfortable and keep the things (books, pen, pencil and other types of equipment) in an organized manner so that you can get it easily whenever you want. And keep a bed, you can take a short nap while studying. These things will help you to study longer without having a mental distraction.
  • Create a time table: This is the fact that people perform best under pressure. Once there is the involvement of deadlines you know you dint have any choice but to give it your best.

Setting a deadline time for each work or studying the subject is probably a good idea. Working with a set timeframe gives you a foal to achieve in a given time. This encourages you to focus in a better way. Study hard as much as you can, in this particular hour/s.

  • Time management: Time management is the process of organizing and planning, how to divide your time for each and every specific activity. Studding at any level requires good time management.

If you feel yourself struggling to meet deadlines, or get work done on time, or you are staying yourself late at night to get work done? It is a sign that you lack time management, you need to work on it.

Once you start keeping a list of what is more important, what needs to be done and when, how much time should I devote for the specific task to complete them off? When you start practicing this you will be able to manage the things and end up the task with peace. Tips- Get up early in the morning, plan out your day and make maximum productive use of the time you allocate to each of your subjects. You will find yourself more productive, more comfortable and relax.

  • Use of right resources available: An academic resource relies on having access to the right resources. It can be a book, laptop, internet, necessary equipment, a private tutor to talk to. If it is a book, you need to ask your teacher to recommend some good books. If it is a laptop or other equipment you need to talk to your parents and convince them that it is necessary for my academic success.
  • Keep inspiring things to motivate you: Lack of motivation is the most important thing which distracts your concentration very easily. Try to find something which drives you motivated. Try to look or read the things which you have stored to inspire you as many times as you can. It will help your mind focus on your goal and not to distract in achieving your study dreams.
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